WORD by HEART Training

The first disciples saw the Gospel stories happen. They must have gripped their listeners: to have actually seen a withered hand become whole; to have heard every nuance of Jesus’ words. Can we recapture the power and reality of an eyewitness account?

Bruce Kuhn has taught storytelling courses at two major seminaries, and in nine countries for the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). The full course is a weeklong intensive with up to 15 students. In 12 or more class hours, they train and memorize a five minute gospel story for public performance at the week’s end. Bruce’s students have received graduate credits for this course from Fuller Seminary, Regent College, Gorden-Conwell and Wycliff Hall ( Oxford University).

Storytelling Master Classes and memorization workshops can be adapted to any time frame, from a weekend conference to a 90 minute seminar.

Using the tools of an actor and exegete, students imaginatively see what those eyewitnesses saw and say what they meant. If successful, what we ‘see’ will spark honest emotion and rich, subtle communication. This is not ‘pretending’ in the way most people think of an actor playing a role. Students will play themselves as if they had witnessed the event. They will tell of it in their natural voice, using the exact words of scripture from memory. The process applies to all storytelling. The goal is truth-full, technique-free relating of experience that gently compels an audience.

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