What People are Saying about Bruce Kuhn

“…a stunning retelling…a riveting presentation…an impressive accomplishment. It is an evening of suspense and a joyous sense of discovery. …he handled that brief memory slip with a lack of pretension that marks his entire performance. However Kuhn’s finest accomplishment is the air of surprise he brings to even the most familiar passages. He brings St. Luke’s Gospel to life with contagious, boyish enthusiasm. And he makes of it a riveting dramatic experience.”

William Mootz
Louisville Courier-Journal

“…brilliant work…a riveting, inspiring look at the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus that will appeal to people of all faiths and even the uncertain. It is as witty as it is moving: you rarely see storytelling as compelling as this, and it goes without saying that the text is gorgeous. Kuhn’s energy and focus are remarkable. Change any weekend holiday plans you may have had so you can catch it.

Gail Westerfield.
The Island Packet
(Hilton Head, S.C.)

“…spirited and surprisingly humorous…”

Gary Hyndman
The Greenville Journal
( Greenville, S.C.)

“The words of the evangelist are given life and humanity by Bruce Kuhn. [He] portrays it with a relaxed skill that never turns coy or smirky. There’s a missionary fervor to Kuhn’s delivery that isn’t so much hellfire and damnation as it is hope and delight. He seems to discover the wonder and depth of each incident at the same instant we do.”

David Inman
The Louisville Times

“…such a powerful retelling of the gospel…”

Nancy Flake
The Courier
Tomball, TX

“…for the devoutly religious and atheist alike…Kuhn mixed the right degree of parody and exaggeration to amuse without betraying the far reaching message.”

Tony Martins
The New Caymanian
Cayman Islands

“What makes this show special is its unpretentious honesty.”

The Scotsman
Edinburgh, Scotland

“…striking characterizations…intense!”

Craig Schneider
Staten Island Advance

Mr. Kuhn [has] very considerable gifts as an actor. The play features many surprisingly powerful moments; the crucifixion scene for example was very well done and had me profoundly moved. And although for this agnostic reviewer, the jury may still be out on the historical accuracy of the Bible, I still found myself strangely drawn to this production. [see full article...]

Brian Morton
The Silhouette

 Bruce Kuhn , whose experience includes such Broadway hits as “ Les Miserables” and “ Chess”, displayed his astounding talent for us Friday night with his one-man performance of the Gospel of Luke.   By using the words of scripture alone—no costumes, props or sets—Mr. Kuhn was able to transport even the most grounded Christian back to the days when Christ walked the earth.  Mr. Kuhn, with his superb acting ability and amazing mastery of the English language, strengthened our hearts and lightened our burdens.

Michelle Couchon
Vision New England

“[Cotton Patch Gospel] is a cheerful spring night’s jamboree. What tickles as much as Chapin’s hoedown ballads, however is the remarkable one-man performance by the show’s star, Bruce Kuhn, a wholesome-looking camp director type who is onstage for more than two hours in some 30 speaking roles, from Jesus to Pontius Pilate. By the play’s end, the ebullient Kuhn has put himself through enough stage impersonations to cast Li’l Abner. …audiences were laughing heartily…the rich kind of vocal theatrics that Bruce Kuhn delights in…”

Thomas Goldwaite
The Indianapolis Star

 “The South Carolina Repertory Company’s current production of Cotton Patch Gospel is sensational. After laughing and crying through 90 minutes of hysterical humor, I was stunned to realize that I had just experienced a deeply moving, boldly conceived professionally executed performance that had both my brain cells and my emotions running in high gear. In addition to being a funny parody of the Southern personality, Cotton Patch Gospel is a profoundly moving religious experience. Bruce Kuhn has full mastery of the primary role of Jesus. But with clever and subtle changes in posture, facial expression, gestures and other carefully controlled mannerisms, he can instantly assume a multitude of guises, including a Southern politician, a distraught father, a ‘good ol’ boy’, a country evangelist or a young, naïve disciple. He is a brilliant actor, possessing rare skills and highly polished talents.”

Louise Causey Lewis
The Island Packet
Hilton Head, S.C.